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PixelHeads: Pixel Art - Animate!

PixelHeads: Pixel Art - Animate!

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Make your own animated pixel characters!

Monday 7th August
13:00 - 17:00
Daytime workshop
Ages 8+

Creating or modifying pixel art characters or objects for videogames (sometimes called 'spriting') is an art form that everyone can have a go at. This workshop will show you how to create pixel art on the computer, and how to create multiple looks to create sprite animation. Bring a USB stick with you so that you can take your creation home and continue to develop it.

Please note that this is a PixelHeads event, so all participants must be signed up as a PixelHead before they attend - see below for details.

This is a PixelHeads event. In order to make parental consent quick and easy, we ask that everybody who attends this event is signed up as a PixelHead. Once it’s done, we have all the consent we need to accept your child onto any of our events.


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