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Pixelheads: Engine Room: Gamemaker 2

Pixelheads: Engine Room: Gamemaker 2

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18th Feburay


Ages: 8+


Ready to start making your game?

Join us for Engine room, our new pixelheads event for you to come and develop your games. During this session we’ll teach/show/demonstrate an interesting GameMaker feature followed by  assist you in drawing sprites, fixing errors and working on your games.

Participants should already have looked at GameMaker and are ready to start developing their own games.

Game Maker is a 2D game program that is recommended for people who are ready to move away from Scratch, without jumping into the deep end of coding. You can move gradually from the drag-and-drop style coding bricks, to writing 'proper' code. The game featured in our lobby was made on Game Maker.

We have a limited number of  laptops available, if you would like to use a laptop please let us know.

Please note that this is a PixelHeads event, so all attendees must be signed up to the PixelHeads Association before they arrive. When you sign up we take all of your information, and then you can attend as many events as you'd like.

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