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Pixel Heads presents: The Sound Of (videogame) Music

Pixel Heads presents: The Sound Of (videogame) Music

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20th of January

11am - 3pm


Join us for an extra-special Pixelheads session as part of All Your Bass, our music festival celebrating videogame music and audio.

You love music. You love videogames. You want to make videogame music but you just don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Come with us on a journey into creating electronic music - with code!

That's right, we'll show you how to write music and perform it live by writing simple code. Design your own sounds, create your own melodies and become a Superstar Raspberry Pi DJ.

That sounds really cool but it also sounds really hard, right? You'll probably need to know loads of music theory and be a coding genius? Absolutely not! You don't need any coding or music experience - we'll show you everything you need.

(although you might want to bring a pen in case you need to sign autographs for your new fans).

All for just £8.

Featuring workshops and time to explore:

Workshop – Callum Mulligan

Explore sound editing and folly artists with Callum Mulligan.

Workshop - Ryan Kirkbride

Live coding is a term often used to describe interactive computer programming for generating electronic music – and this is your chance to learn how to do it yourself! Live coding performers will project their screen to an audience and begin writing code that defines rules for creating music, such as melodies and rhythms. Once the code starts running, they can change the rules while they’re being followed – altering the music being produced.

In this workshop you will learn about how computer code can represent musical patterns, electronic sound synthesis, and (best of all) make your own interactive dance/techno tune just using text. You’ll develop your skills in computer programming and music composition.

No coding experience required!

Workshop – John Read

John Read leads an interactive talk revealing the exciting world of Sonic Pi.

Explore - Attendees are welcome to join us for self-lead activities such as the Makey Makey Giant Piano, Panoramical and Joust.

Learn how to remix the music you’ve created using Audacity.


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