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Fortune & Glory Film Club Presents: Super Mario Bros

Fortune & Glory Film Club Presents: Super Mario Bros

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July 15th

Fortune & Glory Film Club is an interactive experience, bringing some of our favourite cult classics and laughable dross to life!

We don't really revel in cinema, we frolic!
Expect a shared experience, shouting silly stuff out, and (most importantly) a lot of laughs. BUT - there's no peer pressure here! You can join in as much or as little as you please.

Each movie event includes:

⊙ Goody Bags full of interactive surprises to use!
⊙ Costumes - whether they be poundshop tat or full Cosplay!
⊙ Drinking games (alcohol entirely optional)!
⊙ Stupid competitions with great/crap prizes!
⊙ A playlist of your favourite themed tunes!
⊙ A toastie-munching interval!
⊙ The innuendo horn!

This event is limited to advance tickets only, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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